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Successful Cases
Nihon Superior(JP) vs PRB(CN): Patent invalidation administrative lawsuit(Selected in Annual 50 typical IP lawsuits)
  Patent invalidation administrative lawsuit (Selected in Annual 50 typical IP lawsuits by Supreme Court in 2015) Introduction: How to determine whether a claim which contains numerical range is inventive. Abstract: We represent the petitione
D (JP) vs Kangmeite (CN): Patent infringement lawsuit
  (World giant in the industry vs. Emerging leading company in China) Introduction: Patent invalidation is a fundamental solution to infringement litigation. Abstract: A world leading company D of its industry declared a war against Kangmeite
Deichmann (DE) vs Liyong (CN): Domain name dispute lawsuit
  (Dispute on domain name with judicial determination of domain name after the arbitration) Introduction: It doomed to be a failure to cybersquat the domain names of others Introduction: A Chinese person named Li Yong preemptively registered
Nikuni (CN) vs ST(CN): Unfair competition lawsuit/Trade secret infringement
  (A former senior executive misused the trade secret of his previous employer after the establishment of his own firm.) Introduction: A former executive misused the trade secret of his previous employer after the establishment of his own fir
SOUND AROUND (US) VS Hangzhou Astone (CN): Copyright infringement lawsuit
  (Conflict between trademark and copyright) Introduction: copyright can become a powerful weapon to defeat trademark preemptive registration Introduction: SOUND AROUND (US) has OEM manufacturing in China and exports the product to the United
R (CN) vs L (CN): Patent infringement lawsuit
  (Vital dispute between two world leaders in dye chemical industry) Introduction: Whether settlement can achieve a win-win result Introduction: This case involved the disputes between the first and second ranked companies in the dye chemical
Bridgestone (JP) VS Jianxin (CN): Design patent infringement lawsuit
  (Concerning indirect infringement of design patent) Introduction:The production of the important part of design product may constitute design infringement as well. Abstract: This case involves indirect infringement of design patent. The pat
Trademark “SANYONG & device” was successfully invalidated by Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
  Our client Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. (Sanyo) is a famous Japanese electric appliance company. Its trademarks 三洋 and SANYO were recognized well-known trademarks in China. In 2012, Sanyo requested to invalidate the trademark SANYONG device
A successful cancellation of other’s trademark by Seiko Holdings Kabushiki Kaisha
  The trademark application of SEIKO in Class 41by our client Seiko Holdings Kabushiki Kaisha (Seiko Holdings) was rejected by citing a prior trademark SEIKA S device (cited mark) of a third party in 2013. Through Internet search, we think it
We helped client Suzuki have its trademarks recognized well-known
  Our client Suzuki is a Fortune 500 company and enjoys great reputation in auto and motor industry. In China, though the client obtained registration for its house marks 铃木, SUZUKI and as early as 1979, the free-ride behavior as imitatin
Revised Regulations on Patent Commissioning To be enacted Mar. 1, 2019
  Revised Regulations on Patent Commissioning has been approved Executive Meetings of the State Council to be enacted on March 1, 2019 . Revisions made to the Regulations include: the title of patent agent is modified as Patent Attorney; and
An Appeal Mechanism for Intellectual Property Cases at the National Level to Be Established in China
  The Decision on Several Issues Concerning the Proceedings of Patent Cases (Draft) was submitted to the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress for deliberation on October 22 nd , 2018. The Draft stipulates that if a party refuse
Linda Liu & Partners honored as “Excellent Trademark Agency of 2017-2018” Case of Linda Liu & Partners select
  Case of Linda Liu Partners selected as Excellent Trademark Cases of 2017-2018 On September 3, 2018, the 2018 International Trademark Brand Festival hosted by China Trademark Association, Hebei Administration of Industry and Commerce, and Ta
Announcement on the Suspended Collection and Adjustment of Some Patent Charges
  To further ease the social burden and promote patent invention and protection, according to the Notice of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance on Policies Related to Suspension, Exemption and Adjustment
First Release of Statistics for Patents, Trademarks and Geographical Indications from the State Intellectual Property Off
  On July 10, 2018, the State Intellectual Property Office (hereinafter referred to as the SIPO) held a regular press conference for the 3 rd quarter of 2018 in Beijing. It is understood that this is the third press conference held by the SIP
IP5 PCT CS&E Pilots to Be Launched on July 1st
  Upon authorization of IP5 Co-operation Conference of Directors of the European Patent Office, the Japan Patent Office, the Korean Intellectual Property Office, the State Intellectual Property Office of the Peoples Republic of China, and the
Analysis on WAPI SEP (Process Patent) Infringement Case-- IWNCOMM v. SONY
  Analysis on WAPI SEP (Process Patent) Infringement Case
Statistics of Chinese Patents in 2017
  The SIPO published in Beijing on January 18, 2018 the statistics and associated conditions of the major works in 2017. I. Major Statistics In 2017, the amount of patent application for invention in China reached 1,382,000, increasing by 14.
The 2018 Meeting of Directors of Intellectual Property Offices of China was held in Beijing
  On January 4 th , 2018, the Meeting of Directors of Intellectual Property Offices of China was held in Beijing. Mr. Changyu SHEN, the commissioner of State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C (hereinafter referred as SIPO) conveyed the
Examination Period for Trademark Registration Expected to Shorten to 6 Months by Late 2018
  On the media briefing held by on November 23, 2017 in Beijing, the SAIC (State Administration of Industry and Commerce) announced that according to the recently released Opinions of the SAIC about Deepening Reform to Facilitate Trademark Re
Firm Activities
Team Building activity of Linda Liu & Partners in Pine Ridge
  On the morning of August 11 th in a comfortable weather, Linda Liu Partners held its first team building activity of partners as scheduled. All the partners gathered at 8:30 am in the office building and set off to the Pine Ridge which is a
Art of Eloquence, Show for Talents---Congratulations on the success of the first debate competition of Linda Liu & Pa
  The first debate competition of Linda Liu Partners was held on August 8th, 2018. The debate took nearly a month in total 4 rounds, 11 games with participants from 9 major departments. Electrical Engineering Department and the team made up o
2018 the 2nd Rope Skipping Competition of Linda Liu & Partners ended successfully
  Summer begins and the air is full of vitality. The green of early summer always make people feel the magic of the ever-changing nature. In this vibrant season, Linda Liu Partners officially kicked off the second rope skipping competition. R
African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) visited Linda Liu & Partners
  In the morning of March 21 st , Mr. Denis L. BOHOUSSOU, the General Manager of OAPI, and Mr. Issoufou KABORE, the Director of Trade Marks and Distinctive Signs of OAPI paid a visit to Linda Liu Partners in Beijing. Mr. Maojia Li, the vice pr
How to calculate damages in IP litigation in China
  People used to believe that China is not a country where intellectual property right can be enforced. This notion originated from the fact that the amount of compensation for infringement in China was much lower than that in the developed c
Keeping Pace with the Era with Open and Modest Mind
  Linda LIU President Linda Liu Partners In a few days, on August 18, 2016, Linda Liu Partners will embrace its 13th anniversary. Looking back to the 13-year journey, we Linda Liu people are happy to say that we have lived every season along
Understanding Linda Liu & Partners, Prospecting the Future
  Electrical Engineering Department Mr. Tao CHEN Chemistry Biotechnology Department Ms. Xi CHEN Chemistry Biotechnology Department Mr. Yan WANG Chemistry Biotechnology Department Ms. Jing ZUO Mechanical Engineering Department Mr. Xianhua SHEN
Linda Liu Group Successfully Holding the 2015 Annual Meeting
  At the beginning of 2016, Linda Liu Group held the 2015 Annual Meeting in Beijing on January 10, 2016. The 2015 Annual Meeting of Linda Liu Group consisted of two parts: reviews and performances. In the part of reviews, senior staff and rep
Report on the Annual Exhibition for IP New Port (Shanghai) Intellectual Property Services
  On June 12, 2015, Annual Exhibition for IP New Port (Shanghai) Intellectual Property Services (hereinafter referred to as the Annual Exhibition) came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai Exhibition Center. The Annual Exhibition, lasting f
LLP, AIPEX and Jiangsu Province Successfully Co-held “Training Seminar” for 1,000 attendees
  Together with Jiangsu Intellectual Property Bureau of China and AIPEX Group of Europe (hereinafter referred to as AIPEX), we held training seminars on European IP Practice and Drafting and Mining of Chinese Invention Patent in Wuxi City, Su
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